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In this modern scenario, every person wants a safe and secure lifestyle. So, from last few decades we had came up with one of the fabulous Arlo security cameras by Netgear to get our assets secured. As we all know about Netgear, it make best router and switches for industry. Netgear took a step in security camera industry in august 2018 and declare arlo security as there new brand in security camera industry by Netgear.

In initial phase listening to some of the bad experiences of a few of the masses regarding arlo camera for not detecting the motion, the sales goes down by some percentage and grown in some of time as we sought out that issue. We have best talented engineers and arlo support service if anyone facing problem in arlo security camera just make a call at arlo support phone number 1-888-497-4666.

Technology plays a vital role in the lives of almost all the masses and with one more invention of Netgear arlo camera most of the masses are able to see the recording of any time and can find out the culprit if in case any of the miss-happening happens. But, today we are been experiencing many of the troubles in motion detection. Undoubtedly, there can be many of the reasons for not getting the motion by the cameras but in most of the cases there is need of getting the firmware of the camera updated.

arlo support phone number
Arlo Support Phone Number

Moving further, tap on settings and then click on my devices. By clicking on my devices you will be watching all the arlo devices or cameras installed or got fitted in your house. So, with that tap or click on any of the device of of which you want to do motion detection test. Furthermore, tap or click on device utilities and go for motion detection test. Moving with the process Move the slider to test the motion detection for this device.The device’s LED flashes amber when motion is detected. Moreover, getting it diamond clear the test which we would be doing will not be saving the new motion detection settings.

Moving further, there can be any of the issue with the cameras  related to network part as well but in that case most of the cameras are having the up-gradation problem. Elaborating the issue what happens sometimes is due to network issue the camera or base station starts skipping the update of firmware due to what it get us problems in any of the ways.

At the end it is been concerned that security cameras are somewhat those gadgets of which a person must take care and get its issues fixed by getting knowledge through these types of articles or process mentioned in above paragraph.

arlo tech supportIf we talk about Arlo Pro then here is the unique features:

  • HD Screen resolution 720px
  • Wire-free security camera
  • Water resistant and embed with WiFi
  • Come with Solar panel and rechargeable battery

Moreover, it also have a plug in option as if in case a person wants to plug it in a wall slot to use the camera in a situation if a person is not having batteries. With all its features it also has a zoom in feature to slightly enhance the videos or pictures. It also has motion detector, mic and speaker as if a user or any other person can speak by facing towards the arlo camera it can speak back by listening to his or her voice. Its field of view is 130 degree. The arlo pro is equipped with a special designed 100 Db siren which make a loud sound when it is triggered by any sound or motion detection and sends text and email alerts. The batteries are rechargeable a user can charge from the charging cable from nearby outlet.

Putting some light on the basic difference between both the arlo and arlo pro is that batteries of arlo are to be replaced on regular basis whereas arlo pro have better battery life. Moreover , arlo takes 8-9 seconds to inform about any motion detected whereas arlo pro take just 2-3 seconds to record the motion and notify .Furthermore, arlo works down to 14˚ Fahrenheit whereas arlo pro can work down to -4˚ Fahrenheit. AS far as talking about its range of view then as above discussed arlo pro Provides up to 130 degrees wide view. If you have any issues facing regarding Netgear arlo security camera, just make a call at arlo support phone number 1-888-497-4666

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