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Arlo Support Number


Much of the world places premium on combating with the issue of arlo cameras in this day and age. Undoubtedly these arlo cameras by netgear are a bunch of secured and safe life but since how nowadays there are some complaints haired about one of the device of netgear that is arlo go. What happens is it gets offline sometimes and most of the masses were not able to access on the camera due to this particular issue. All the issue and the process to tackle with it in a proper format is been outlined below.

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AT the outset, putting some light on the goodwill of the well decorated company netgear arlo we come to judge it as phenomenal. Since how, nowadays arlo go is creating problem for some of the users by getting offline. Undoubtedly, from last few decades it has proved to be the best gadget for security of assets but its offline issue has become a moot issue from few time. But, there’s nothing to worry about when we have some of the troubleshooting steps with it.

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On that firstly, Unplug your Arlo Go camera, remove the battery, reinsert the battery, and notice the camera LED behavior when the door is closed. If the LED does not light, check to make sure that the battery is installed in the correct orientation and that the battery is not dead.If the LED does not light, check to make sure that the battery is installed in the correct orientation and that the battery is not dead. Moreover, If the LED double blinks amber, that means the battery is critically low.

arlo support number
arlo support number

And if in case the battery is low or dead, plug in the camera or insert a fully charged battery. Furthermore, if the LED does not light even when the battery is not low, it might be turned off in your Arlo Go camera’s settings. If you turned off the LED completely, log out of the Arlo app and log back in again. If your camera is still offline, try moving it to an area with better mobile coverage. If that does not work, you might need to reset your Arlo Go camera and set it up again. Moving further, if the LED blinks blue very slowly, the camera is starting up.

Wait 20-30 seconds, until the LED pattern stops changing.

Moving further,After doing these steps note the LED behavior after the camera is done starting up. In that case if the led blinks blue rapidly the camera is connected to the cloud.Log out of the Arlo app on your mobile device or web browser and log back in again. And if it blinks blue and purple that means it is still connecting to the network and the cloud.SO, just wait for the led behavior to stop changing and check it again. Furthermore, if the light is solid blue that means it is not connected to an arlo account so just complete the new camera setup process. In most of the masses many of the users don’t get to know what different lights mean so if the light is solid amber that means no sim card is inserted or the sim card is damaged.

arlo support number
Arlo Support Number

On the flip side if the led blinks amber slowly in that case your camera does not have LTE network so, move the camera to an area with LTE coverage. Moving with this if the led blinks amber rapidly that means the camera is connected to the cellular network but it connect to the cloud. And now last but not the least if in case led blinks amber and blue then the camera is receiving a firmware update. Do not open the battery compartment or unplug the camera until the update is complete and the camera is done rebooting. Wait for the LED to turn off for several seconds, turn back on again, slowly blink blue for 20-30 seconds, and settle into a new behavior.

At the end with all these troubleshooting steps a person can easily combat with any of the issue whether it is huge or small. By following these steps any problem would be just a piece of cake. So,ending with a beautiful phrase: “If there’s any bifurcation we must choose the right path”.

If you have any problem related to installation of Arlo or you have any kind with your arlo camera contact Arlo Support Number at 1-888-497-4666

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Arlo Support Number
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